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Clean Cotton Signature Wax Melts

Clean Cotton Signature Wax Melts

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Escape the chaos of everyday life and create a soothing atmosphere with our Clean Cotton Candle. Crafted by hand with natural ingredients, this candle has a delightful, fresh scent that will fill your home with a feeling of tranquillity. Light up your home and indulge in the relaxing aroma of clean cotton today!

Immerse yourself in an environment of luxury and relaxation. Our wax melts feature gorgeous dried flower petals and come in a variety of scents from floral to fruity. Just pop one of our cubes into a warmer and enjoy the beautiful aroma, all without the worry of open flames or burning candles. 

Each order comes with a pack of wildflower seeds so you can expiernce beauty like no other. 


100% handmade candle consisting of coconut soy wax in a concrete jar.

Care Instructions

Never leave candle burning unattended. Do not burn for more than 3-4 hours. Always trim wicks before each use. Avoid burning near a draft, air vent, or fan to help promote an even burn.

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